Perfect?  Neither are we.  Struggle sometimes? Yeah, us too. Carrying a heavy load?  We know the smell of Ben Gay, too.  Sounds like we'd get along well together. We've probably got a lot more in common, too. The great thing is, Joplin First  isn't a place for perfect people.  It's a place where real people can gather, lay down their burdens, find some refreshment, and find a shoulder or two to help them keep moving forward. There's something you need to know: we're glad you're here. Know that with us, and with God, you are accepted, secure, and significant. When you're with us, you're family.

We've got a place for you!

No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, we've got a place for you and your family...

  • Family@First

    Family at Joplin First means everyone! We offer a wide variety of programming and events that involve the whole church family, and we want everyone to be a part of that family. We believe family, fun, and fellowship are important parts of the Christian discipleship journey.


    Heather Shepherd | 417.623.2796 |    

  • Preschool

    First United Methodist Preschool believes that every child is a child of God. We believe that the lesson of God's love for each end every one of them is something the children will carry with them throughout their lives. We employ an age-appropriate, learn-by-doing curriculum, and encourage children to initiate and participate in free play experiences.


    Ruth Greer | 417.623.2796 |

  • First Youth

    First Youth! offers a place where middle school and high school students can build face-to-face relationships, grow in grace, and have a great time while doing so. Worship, music, sports, games, service, travel, food, fellowship--we do it all!  Don't have a church youth ministry home? You are important, and you are invited! 


    Barry Sanborn | 417.623.2796 |

  • UnComFortAble

    Uncomfortable is the Joplin First college age ministry, which meets Wednesday evenings at 6:30. It's an opportunity for students at this critical stage of life to dive into the Word and find out what God has to offer them.


    Evan Belk | 417.437.3438 |    

  • 55+ Lunch Bunch

    Come be a part of our vibrant fellowship for folks 55 and older. Our motto is Faith, Fellowship, and Fun!  We meet on the second Tuesday of each month for a time of devotion, a fantastic catered meal, and an entertaining program. Our mission is to develop genuine relationships with older adults, connecting each person in a deeper relationship with Christ. Won't you join us?  We'd love to have you!


    Melissa Belk | 417.623.2796 |