9 AM | Classic Worship

10 AM | Kids & Adult Discipleship ~ Temporarily Suspended

11 AM | Modern Worship

Jesus said that the two most important things in the world were to love God with all you are, and to love your neighbors before yourselves (Luke 10:27). That’s what worship is about. And that’s why we want to invite you to worship with us.  Our desire is to proclaim the historic Christian message in ways that will resonate with today’s world. We realize that the Spirit speaks to different people in different ways, and that’s why we offer two distinct worship services with a common goal: to praise and adore the Lord, connect others who do not yet have a relationship with Christ, and to lift our own spirits in the process. 

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Our 9:00 AM worship service offers traditional liturgies, creeds, prayers, messages, and sacraments that ground us, connect us, and remind us that ours is an “ancient-future” faith.

Music is a key part of every Classic service at Joplin First UMC. Congregational hymns and choruses are sung, often accompanied by our beautiful pipe organ. Each week, the Chancel Choir brings an anthem. Another congregational ensemble, the Sanctuary Singers, offers the occasional special, as do the Wesleyan Choir (youth), the Junior Choir (kids), and the Memorial Handbell Choir. We’d also love to have you become a part of one of these ensembles. If you’d like more information, call us at 417.623.2796.


If you’re looking for an upbeat worship experience in a casual atmosphere, our 11:00 AM Modern Service is the one for you! Our band sets the tempo and stirs the energy level with music that reflects the culture in which we live. A wide range of technology is used to enhance the worship experience, and these elements blend together to remind us that the Gospel never changes, but the way we deliver it must, or the church will die.