Pastor Marsha West Eichler


08.04 ~ 09.01.2019

We exist in an extremely connected world, but often live as very anonymous participants, especially when it comes to our faith. A glance at our countless online personal profiles will most likely reveal an incomplete picture of who we really are. How many times do we actually attach a photo of ourselves, or more importantly, convey anything that identifies our relationship with Christ in these numerous relational opportunities?

“Remarkable” means “likely to be noticed as extraordinary.” If we do not comprehend what it is to be a Methodist and follower of Christ, we are prone to live ordinary lives. Memory of who we are called to be as a disciple is essential in completing our personal profile. Functioning as the hands and feet of Christ, we are likely to be noticed as extraordinary, handcrafted children of God.

RE = Reborn In Christ

MARK = Identified by our Obedience to God

ABLE = Powered by the Holy Spirit to Transform the World


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9 AM | Classic Worship

10 AM | Kids & Adult Discipleship

11 AM | Modern Worship


Making New Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

Jesus is at the center of everything we say, sing, pray, preach, and do. Because it's impossible to encounter Jesus without coming away changed, our goal is to be Jesus in the community and the world so they, too, can be transformed by the power of the holy spirit.

God loves you! If you are seeking God, please contact us or click here to read God's Plan of Salvation.


We've been part of the fabric of the community that bears his name since the Reverend Harris G. Joplin, a Methodist circuit rider, made his way to the edge of the frontier back in the 1830’s and planted a congregation among the folks who had settled here. As the community grew so did we. In 1905 we opened the doors to a new house of worship at the corner of 4th and Byers Avenue, and those doors are still open today.

Turn the page. A lot has changed since then: styles, music, technology, even our building. But our commitment to sharing Christ with the community and the world has not. We are a unique blend of old and new, classic and modern, with a common love for Jesus and for you! Please join us and become part of writing the next chapter in this community of faith.