About Us

The Mission

The mission of Joplin First is "To Make NEW Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World. " This mission encompasses both the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission given to us by Jesus Christ.

The Vision

The vision of Joplin First is to build authentic relationships with our neighbors as positive role models in transforming the community we are called to serve. Who are our neighbors? EVERYONE.

What We Believe

Love God & Love Others

Each one of us is a hand-crafted child of God, created with unique and diverse gifts to be used for good. Jesus  has given us the model for living, and this Christ-Centric life is one of  love and inclusion instead of hate and exclusion. Our free-will acceptance of God's grace and our intentional faith development allows the Holy Spirit to transform our lives to the original image in which God intended.  


We've been part of the fabric of the community that bears his name since the Reverend Harris G. Joplin, a Methodist circuit rider, made his way to the edge of the frontier back in the 1830’s and planted a congregation among the folks who had settled here. 


We are relentlessly outwardly focused on the mission of making new disciples for the transformation of the world. We are all about building authentic relationships with the diverse community in which we serve.  ALL people are welcome here.


While we believe the message of the Gospel never changes, we also recognize that the way in which it is delivered must change, or the church will die. We seek to develop future leaders from those who are not yet here.


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