Ministry Affinity

Building authentic relationships

The idea of keeping a church "small" so that we can "know everyone" goes against the very purpose for which we are called. As modern day disciples, Jesus has called us to "greater things." As active participants in life outside the walls of the church, we have the opportunity to build authentic relationships with people we do not yet know. A small group of 12 once divided and then multiplied into a worldwide movement. Our time has come to do "greater things."

Melissa Belk

Connections Coordinator


We offer a wide variety of study groups for every age and nearly every interest. On-site, off-site, Sunday morning, week day, short-term, long-term... and more! Let us know what your schedule looks like so we can help you connect.


What do you like to do in your free time? Running, Reading, Bowling, Axe Throwing, Knitting, Golfing... you get the idea. I bet there are others who share the same interests, including some that don't already have a relationship with Christ.


Don't see something that fits your idea of a good time? Great... you can help us start the next new thing. Church communities cannot thrive by simply doing the same things we have always done in the past. Get with a connect coach and dream big!


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