Blessed to be a blessing...

You hear that phrase around churches from time to time. But what does that mean? Well, it means that God has blessed us so that we might be a blessing to others. It's part of what Jesus had in mind when He told us that the two most important things were to love God and to love others.

The miraculous part of the whole equation is that, when we are a blessing to others, we receive a blessing ourselves.  Sometimes it's something big. Sometimes it's something small. Sometimes it's something tangible. Almost always it's something spiritual. Whatever the case, there is nothing more gratifying and edifying than helping connect someone to the transformational power of the Holy Spirit. It has the same effect on you.

What are you doing for others?

Love is a verb, an action word.  It's something you do, not something you feel.  At First Church it's our deepest desire to share God's love with the world, and that begins right here in our own community.  Join us and make a difference!  Here are just a few of our local outreaches:

Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Each Thanksgiving Day members of our church family gather to host and serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings, free to anyone in the community who would like to come.  Lunch is served in the Family Life Center.  Work begins around 8:00 AM and lunch is served at 11:00 AM.  There's plenty to do, and a blessing is guaranteed!

Operation Joy!

Come make the Christmas season brighter for families in need.  Led by First Youth!, our church family hosts a banquet for a group of families who need a little help at Christmas.  In addition to a meal, we provide coats for family members and toys for children who might otherwise go without. 

Shoebox Ministry

It's amazing how something so small can be so important to the life of someone in need. $10 can fill a shoebox with a number of daily essentials for someone who has been displaced from their home or who is going through difficult financial circumstances.  Donate shoeboxes, supplies, money, or your time to prepare these boxes of mercy.

Mobile Camps for Youth

For the past several summers First Church has brought a mobile camp to our campus and invited neighborhood children to attend free of charge, giving them the opportunity to enjoy many traditional camping activities right in their own backyard while meeting new friends and hearing the story of Jesus.  There are ample opportunities for folks to volunteer to make these camps a success!  



It's not just the world beyond our borders.  There's a wold just beyond our doors that needs to hear the gospel message.  In addition to the ministry outreach projects we undertake, First Church also supports an array of local and global missions whose focus is to offer Christ to the world.  We offer prayer and financial support to a number of mission organizations, and several members of our church family have been called into the mission field themselves!

Here are some of the global mission organizations First Church supports:

We also support a number of local mission organizations, including: